Preparing to Plan

In order for The Plan to be successful I will need to have a clear idea of what I need to do at any one time. I decided that I would list my goals and aims and brainstorm some tasks to get me going. I was not going to get caught up on perfectionism; these tasks do not need to be definitive as I will revisit my goals and aims regularly.

I deliberately made sure that there were some simple tasks for those days where everything feels hard. I also made sure that there were plenty of things I could track as I find it motivating to see my progress and mark things off in a planner. Tracking will also allow me to see where my time is going and whether I am devoting equal chunks of time to each goal/aim.

I have given each section (health,self, finances and business) its own colour and put washi tape along the edge of the page so it is easy to turn back to these pages if I need to.

My next step will be to make a time tracker for my days and schedule the tasks or the time to work on a task at definite times throughout each week. It is easy to forget about things if I don’t deliberately carve out specific time to work on them.


About Me

All about me

Hello and welcome. I’m Emma. I recently took stock of my life and this blog is to help me document and reflect on organising everything. Home, work, children, me…

I am a single mother of three beautiful children. Daughters aged 15 and 14 and a son of 11 who has autism. I also have three cats named Marshall, Ted and Barney that are the most awesome cats in the known universe.

I work full time as assistant head of maths in a large coastal secondary school in England. I love my job and tend towards being a workaholic.

I love purple (no, really?), maths, reading, stationery and cats. Probably some other things too, but those are my top 5.

My life is busy and manic at times, but I really feel that it could be better organised. I have toyed with various planning systems – ring bound, traveler’s notebooks and am now in a bullet journal. Regardless of the system, it has to be analogue. Something about pens and paper soothes my soul. At work, I use my teacher’s planner and bullet journal to keep on top of tasks, but home is less organised. I dream of a smooth running household, a freezer full of nutritious meals and a clear, organised home.

As I said above, my son is autistic. High functioning and far too clever for his own good, but he struggles with life and most especially school. In four weeks time he starts secondary school. He will be attending a local grammar school with his sisters, but I am worried sick as to whether he will cope with the demands and needs of secondary school. I want to organise his life and needs in such a way that the transition is managed. He needs warning of any impending change to his routine, but at the same time he finds it hard to process the concept of future events and so won’t engage with preparing for an event that he cannot conceive.

This is what I hope to achieve with this blog and a bullet journal: complete life organisation. Let the games begin.