The Plan

Okay. Decision made. Next step: THE PLAN.

THE PLAN speaks in capitals in my head because it is important. It has  to be important. I want to change my life and that is not going to happen by chance.

I am a great fan of mind maps and scribbling out my thoughts on paper. So the first thing I did to start THE PLAN was to choose the planner that would hold it, map it and develop it. I confess now to being a tremendous plannerphile. I love planners; ringed, bound, large, small… anything containing paper that I can organise and decorate and love. Due to the great and significant importance of THE PLAN, the chosen one had to be special. Not average, not run-of-the-mill or plain. It had to sing to me daily so that I would connect with it and love it and THE PLAN would then blossom unhindered from its pages.

I present to you:

Gillio A5 Appunto in purple.

Gillio A5 Appunto in purple. Gillio Epoca leather is pretty awesome and the appunto is definitely woman enough to hold THE PLAN. With the help of a Leuchtturm1917 dot grid notebook, I shall plan THE PLAN.

The stickers in those pages are from the wonderful Jo at Little Rainbow Moon on Etsy.

Author: bezzapi

Mother of three amazing children, changing my world one day at a time.

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